Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour of Lawrence: Stage 2 Circuit Race

What can I say about the circuit race..... As a team we decided that our best bet for a good finish rested on Nemo and Colton as our best climbers. The course has some significant climbing in it's 55 mile distance and combined with the heat and humidity it was going to be a long day. With that in mind we knew that this was going to be a race of attrition. The other factor was Joe Schmalz and his Elbowz Team. Joe wanted to win in his hometown really bad and motivation on his team was high.

So as we were preparing to get started I looked up at the sky and it was really looking like rain. Last year it started raining during the race and roads turned into ice and there were tons of crashes. With that in mind I let a bit of pressure out of my tires on the starting line. Probably a bit too much pressure but it would of been great if it had rained. But it never did rain and that low pressure didn't help going up the hills. I could tell on the first lap that I just wasn't on a good day. I rode at the back of the field for a few laps before getting popped off the back. After that I just did a few laps to try and get my legs going for today's crit.

After I pulled out I changed clothes and took up hand up duties. The guys were taking water bottles every lap and I have to say thanks to Alyson and crew for all the bottles for the team. By the end of the race the lead group was whittled down to 8 guys and our boys did a outstanding job with Nemo 6th, Colton 8th, and Shadd 15th. Jason and Logan both hung in there and finished but I don't have results yet to see where they ended up.

Yesterdays winner Joe Schmalz accepting congratulations from our favorite announcer John Lefler. Joe wanted this one bad and her rode everyone off his wheel to get the win. Well done Joe!

Today is the final day of the Tour of Lawrence with a criterium in the downtown area. We don't race until 5:30PM and at the moment I'm pretty happy with that. Looking outside it's pouring rain and with any luck it will be over by race time.

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