Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick post

Not much time to post, once again it's back to dealing with doctors so our days are all messed up. Another inconclusive test result from last weeks MRI which I guess is a good thing. Now it's time to test out a different drug as the last one I tried really messed up my training. Then that's it for the ENT doc's and the next step is the neurologist. If that wasn't bad enough Jobro ended up going in for a root canal on a tooth he broke last fall. The dentist built it back up and it looked pretty good but it started hurting him the past few days and today it was time to take action. He got through the procedure just fine so he's good to go. Wonder what's going to happen next?
Rode up to Leavenworth last weekend and caught this view of the Missouri river flooding. Still makes me wonder what it looked like a month ago at the floods crest. I saw something on the news about the stench and junk that will be left over after the water recedes . I rode up the newly reopened Hwy 5 and found out that they were right, it did stink.
Game #1 for Jobro this season was a night game at the OP soccer palace. The boys played great for their first time on a full sized field and managed a tie. Pretty good way to start the season!

I've been following a bunch of people I know that went out to the Leadville 100 MTB race just to see how the did. Tons of great post race stories and I don't think anybody ever goes away disappointed no matter how their race went. After that was over I started following the Breck Epic race. The main reason I was interested was that Kansas transplant Cameron Chambers was in the race. Cam is a super talented mountain biker and a former National 24 hr champ. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO now but it's still fun to keep track of what he's up to. You should check out his blog on the Stumpjumper Trail Crew site. Here's the link to the site. Check it out, he writes a great post race report.

For me it's another week rolling around KC. Tomorrow I'll make another attempt at the Hill ride. The last few weeks I've went on this ride and have managed to get dropped by the 14 yr olds and most the old guys with hairy legs. Oh well, have to keep at it, the last thing to come back is all ways the climbing legs!

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