Friday, August 12, 2011

Last week of Freedom

The end is near for the boys, two more days of summer vacation and then it's back to school. The past week is a off week for all of us as there are no summer camps the final week of the summer. With that in mind we've just been kicking back and relaxing at home.
If you know of anybody looking for a light fork for their cross bike I've got 2 Alpha Q forks for sale. They retailed for over $500.00 each when they were new but I'll let then go for way less than that. Let me know if you are interested.
Got my care package from Bob's Red Mill today. All you have to do is go here and sign up for the Train with Grain program. Tons of great products but the Steel Cut Oats are still my favorite.
Old school shoe drying methods are still the best! At least it was a warm rain.

I knew that it was going to rain when I left the house but it started looking pretty nasty so I turned around and headed for home. I was close, it started raining about a mile from the house. Good thing I was close, water I can deal with, lightning, not so much.
I can't remember where I got this picture, I think it was off Facebook, but check out Brad Cole sporting his Mercy kit on the MTB. Pretty sweet!

There's a ton of racing going on this weekend, MTB, road. Of course I'm not ready for anything  this weekend but maybe next week.

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