Friday, January 13, 2012

Masters Worlds

J-Pow in his new USA National Champions Jersey. Pretty sweet st see Zach in one as well!

It was pretty nice in Madison for Nationals but Worlds in Louisville is getting the weather instead. Brrrrr.......

As much as I'm bummed at missing Worlds the reports of all the running is making it easier to take. Power and running would be rough.

I can honestly say that this looks like fun!

Firefighter Curly, the uniform is a little big but you get the idea.

I was watching the Elite race live on the computer and the barriers pictured are at the top of a hill. Bunny hopping barriers takes speed so this had to be tough.

As for Masters Worlds, yesterday was the qualifying races for most of the people I know. So far everybody has ridden well and will have good start positions in tomorrows finals. Brad Cole races for the World Champions Jersey today and then the rest have a go tomorrow. Wish there was a live feed to watch but Joan is doing a good job with twitter updates during the day.

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