Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One season ends and another begins

The cyclocross season has just ended here in the USA and even though there are a few more races and the World Championships in Europe, cross is essentially over. Now that we have adopted the euro version of cross the season now lasts until the middle of January. It's kind of funny that last Sunday I was watching the first Pro Criterium of the season on TV. That's right, like Pro sports  baseball and football here in the States, the euro road season has begun before the euro cross season has ended. The Santos Tour of Australia has started and soon the racing here in the states will start as well.

It will be fun to watch the last World Cup race this weekend and Worlds the following weekend. All of the top Americans are in Europe and good results should follow. It will be fun to watch both the road and cross races.

It was kind of slick for the Women's race at last weekends World Cup race. Kate Compton crashed as well as many others.

It was cold at the cross races but it was something like 105 degrees in Australia!

Dean ended the year with  two 4th place finishes, all ways an inspiration.

By the way, if you are looking for TV coverage and can find VERSUS, that's because in now called the NBC Sports Network.

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