Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've got the winter blah's...........

February, what a month for bike racers, so close to spring yet so far. It's been a interesting week in the racing world with all the doping news. All I have to say is that I'm tired of all the news on old cases. Armstrong and Ulrich, old news. It's just a waste of money going after retired racers from a old era. I would rather see the money put into looking at the current crop of riders and cleaning up the process of catching the remaining dopers. Just as important would be the procedures for prosecuting those caught. I'm all for due process but it just takes too long to resolve cases when riders get caught. Look at where we ended up with Contador. Enough of that mess, let's see what's new.........

Shadd and I test rode some bikes. Traded off 29'ers, one hardtail and one full suspension. I'm sold, after being a hardtail guy for years I'll be going to a full suspension bike this year.

Rode both the carbon and aluminum version of the TREK Superfly 100 and it was really nice. Definitely easier to go fast the longer you are on the trail.

Around the house Curly and I spent a bit of time arranging the stuffed animal collection. Good thing he has a bunk bed so everybody has somewhere to sleep.

Then there was JoBro's 7th grade science fair experiment. Probably could of made a better choice for his topic. The experiment took a ton of time and energy to make it work.

Then there was the last minute scramble to complete the 3 fold board with all of his data. It was  a late night to get it done and then he managed to get sick and not go to school the next day.

I had a little issue with my Superfly frame and the nice folks at TREK sent me this new one.  I just got a Superfly 100 that looks just like it so after a quick parts swap I'll be selling a brand new Superfly. More on that after tomorrow's parts swap.

We went to Atlanta for Christmas and visited with family. While hanging out at my brothers house  we spotted a really cool biscuit box for their dog. My sister-in-law is a pretty incredible artist and a few weeks after we got home Carly received her own treat box. Pretty darn cool!

It's February and that means it's Pinewood Derby time! Curly had a pretty good car this year, he won his Den and did pretty good overall. Only one  year left for Curly in Cub Scouts and then my car making days are over. Tears..........of joy. 

One of the dad's made this car for the unlimited class. Solid billet of Aluminum with ceramic bearings in the wheels. He even had machined aluminum wheels but they were a little slower.

As usual there were cars of all shapes and sizes. Some were fast and some didn't make it to the finish line. Pretty fun time for the kids.

So here we are, a few days into February. Bike season is getting into the swing. People are training and some are even hitting the road to do some racing. It looks like the Tue Crit is back at the Honeywell plant in Olathe. We are still working on something down by Kemper arena. Maybe a monthly crit series on Saturdays or Friday nights. Should be a good year for bike racers in KC!

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