Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy weekend

We were pretty busy this weekend. I guess you could say that it got busy ending the week and just spilled over into the weekend. Time seemed to stand still Thursday when it came time to head up to the middle school for parent teacher conferences. I'm not sure why I was dreading this night, I guess it's because JoBro's grades have been all over the board since he started 7th grade. I shouldn't have worried so much. It turns out that his teachers love him and all of them know he's smart enough to do the work. Turns out that he is just so disorganized he forgets to turn in his work or turns it in late. We knew it was a problem but it was good for us to sit him down with his teachers and talk about it. Pretty hard to get on the honor roll that way but he's trying. Any way, it's all good, mom and dad are far more stressed out than he is. So this morning I was looking at Facebook and someone posted the paragraph you see below. I had to show it to JoBro just to let him know how we feel. I'm sure every parent knows the feeling.

Friday night a buddy of JoBro's came over for a sleepover and then it was time to get ready for.......
Curly's buddy had his birthday at the lodge and we brought JoBro out to hang out with the birthday boy's brother. It's all ways  amusing to go to a indoor water park when it's in the single digits outside. Pretty long afternoon/evening chasing the boys around the waterpark.

I think I put mentioned that I had a new Superfly Hardtail frame in another post. My grand plan of buying a full suspension bike and using the parts to build up the warranty hardtail frame actually worked out. What you see above is a 2012 Superfly except for the XXX carbon seatpost. Pretty sweet and it's never been ridden. That's right and it's for sale. What I ended up with is what you see below, A Superfly 100 Pro.

I got out today and I love it. Even with the suspension needing some adjustments it felt fast. I'm just amazed at how nimble it feels over the rocks and tree roots. Now I just need some time on the bike to get the suspension where I want it and to adjust my riding style. With the suspension movement and a low bottom bracket I tend to clip the pedals on rocks if I'm not paying attention. Not a problem, just a difference between the hardtail and the full suspension bikes.

Shadd and I rode at Shawnee Mission Park today. I usually won't ride there since it's so rocky I have a hard time getting in many laps. But Shadd had been there a few weeks ago and he said they had done some work out there. I agreed to go and was I surprised. The trail crew has been out there and the trails are much better. Quite a bit of rock has been removed and the new trail is awesome. Pretty enjoyable time out at the park on a nice day.

So, snow tonight. It will nice to have some snow on the ground and just as nice to have it gone the following day. I'm ready for Spring!

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