Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just riding around

Not too much going on these days. While a number of my teammates are off in Texas racing I've been hangiing out close to home and riding. Last weekend ended up being a much better training weekend than I though it would be. Saturday I thought I was heading out for a couple of hours with a group ended up solo with Travis for 4 hours on road bike. Sunday headed out on the mountain bike for a few laps of Minor park. In the end I ended up with a little over 3 hrs. A good weekend for sure but with rain looming on Tuesday I figured I should get out on the dirt Monday if I could. So Shadd and I hooked up for a Minor park/Swope Park ride that took just over 4 hrs. Hopefully the l;st two rest days will bring my legs back to life since tomorrow the weather is prime for riding.

The shop just got a pair of these Bontrager D3 carbon Clinchers in for demo use. Pretty sweet wheels so I'll have to get them out on the road and try them out.

JoBro and I went out to Swope for a few laps Sunday after I got back from my ride at Minor. Perfect conditions and he loves the trails.

You know the weather is good when the trailhead looks like this. The parking area was packed. It didn't translate to crowded trails, awsome.

The storms did arrive yesterday and last night the gale force winds blew out the front window of the store. Huge mess but not too much damage overall. I sure don't miss being on the alarm call list. One of the managers had to go to the shop and be ther all night. Bummer!

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