Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo dump

Spring is coming with the days getting longer and the temps warming up. But before it stays warm we got hit with a quick one day snow last week. At least we got enough snow to get out and play, made a snowman and did a little sledding, good times. So now it's getting warmer and it's time to ride.

Curly and I made our snowman for the year.

It was a train weekend for sure. Curly likes trains so I figured I would take a few shots of bridges and such.

You don't see the old one lane tunnels much any more.

I like this old stone dude!

The crack is still in Blue River Road..
and no matter what the city puts in the road to block it people still try to get around it. Some are a little less successful than others. Not quite the teeter totter that the last truck was but it's not going anywhere either

You would think this would stop people.....

But they just make a path around. So many amusing things to see when you ride a bike.

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Phayde said...

Travis and I were out riding our MTB's on a Swope to BRP and back trail riding loop and saw that same truck right after the idiot driver got it stuck. He was walking back and yelled at us that he got stuck, no kidding...