Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring craziness

Wow, it's just been nuts since my last post. In my last post I spent part of a week with the kids during their spring break from school and then headed of the the Mercy Cycling team camp. Good times, relaxing, and I returned worn out but ready to get back to the real world of work, school, and family life. I just was not quite ready to get slammed at the shop. I walked in and there were repair bikes everywhere, in the back, up front, filling the break room, it was nuts! I'm not complaining, and it's all most amusing that after 2 weeks the bikes keep rolling in and out the door at the same pace. We still have bikes in the break room but we are only 1 day out on repairs. Classic story in the bike shop, schedule a full week of repairs over the weekend, fix them during the week and maybe pick off a few repairs for the next week, and hope they get picked up during the weekend as the new repairs cycle in. During week 3 I'm hoping we will get in a groove and things will settle down. It would be nice to not have to move bikes to get to the microwave and refrigerator.

So let's see what else is new....

The Mercy team will be sporting new colors this season. Going for Blue and White on the kits and bikes . Nice to be back with TREK bikes and Verge clothes again. Tried and true products that all ways works right.

More tales from the bike shop, this bike probably came from a sporting goods store and looks like it's been off road a bit. The funny part is that the piece of black plastic hanging off the rear axle is packing material from when it was shipped new. Can't believe it's still there, they usually fall off just taking the bike out of the box.

THE NEW HOT WHEELS ARE OUT!!!!! Yep, still collecting Hot wheels after all these years. I took some time off collecting cars when I didn't care for their designs but the new batch is pretty good.

Cross season may be over but Belgian Waffle time is forever

Just for the record, I did ride a gravel road last weekend. I can't remember the last time I rode gravel but it was kinda fun.

Two  things here you may notice, one is that it's just a bit flatter terrain here than the last post. Second is that field is full of alfalfa blossoms. Every thing is blooming here so if you have allergies you are miserable. Today the tires on my bike were yellow from all the pollen when I was rolling home with Curly.

Looks like Joe and the Elbows boys are getting some notice these days. They got some press in the pages of Road Bike Action magazine recently. Joe had a great race at San Dimas and the team rode well at Redlands.

So now it's nearly April Fools day and time for Flanders. One of the biggest of the Spring Classics and it's live on NBC sports Sunday morning. Yahoo!!!!

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