Monday, April 9, 2012

Last weekend

Maybe I should start with the week, the week that could not end soon enough! Mathgeek had the end of the quarter workload, pretty much a 8-8 day, everyday. The kids were sick, and the shop was overlaoded with work. I guess you could say the the shop was fine, I was overloaded. I just kept reminding myself that it's just the spring rush that happens every year. By Friday I was just completely fried, I actually came home and took a nap, and I never nap. So I rolled into the weekend with one ride all week and a race on Saturday. I woke up Saturday morning looking at a radar showing rain at the race site but after a fair amount of second guessing I got loaded up and headed out.

Got to the race and got signed up, suited up, and out to warm up. Considering how late I got there it wasn't long before we lined up to start. I was a little surprised that they separated the 50+ and the Women from the rest of the Cat 1 riders but whatever, I just wanted to get a race in. Actually, I just wanted to finish a MTB race. The fact was that I had not finished a MTB race in over 2 years. crashes and mechanical in the few races I've done took me out so I really wanted to finish this one.

So the race started and it didn't take long to catch some the the Cat 1's that started a minute before our race. This was a huge bummer, it is well known that if you get caught by the leaders of another race you move over and let them pass. I let these guys know I was coming but there was no way they were going to let me by with out a fight. It took a while but I managed to get by these guys without getting too aggressive. I will say that it is tough to pass on the River Trails course, but really guys, slow down jump off the line for just a second to let the leaders by, then jump back on. It's way faster to do that than have both of us riding off line in the weeds.

Anyway, after that it was pretty smooth sailing, a few waits to get around a lapped riders and long 2 wheel drift that had me on the ground in the end. Good times just ripping around the trails for the last 2 laps. In the end I won the 50+ race and was 4th overall for the Cat 1's. Pretty happy with the race considering the week I had and looking at the lap times I wasn't too far off the fast guys times.

So here's this weeks pictures.......

The start up on the levy, the old guys are off!

Zach sporting the new Mercy Cycling kit on his TREK team bike,

He did us proud taking 2nd at the CSU crit in the Pro 1-2 race

Rocking the State wheels as well

Yea buddy, Hot wheels are still under a buck! I was working the MOPAR collection  but I had to get the Mooneyes car last week.

Sunday was Easter. Plenty of eggs were decorated and now the egg wars have begun.

Time to get to bed, got to get rested up for Tuesday nite Worlds crit. Sounds like it's going to be pain full. Heard the one they call "Joe" is going to be there and he's bringing a former Pro rider with him......

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