Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Negative split racing, Texas style

Where to start, I'm so tired I really can't think straight so let's go with what happened after last Saturdays race. To start off you may wonder, what is Negative Split Racing? It's when you have a number of races in a row and the time between them gets progressively shorter with every race. Recovery is big in endurance sports and the less time between races can become an issue pretty quick. Luck for us that it wasn't as short after Friday night for the rest of the races. That said, I never recovered from the hospital run on Friday night. Two hours of sleep effectively ended any hope of a stellar weekend. Anyway, that's how it goes, you just have to roll with it and do the best that you can. So on to the races.....

Sundays race was on the other side of Dallas so we had to get up bright and early and head for the race. In Texas the Pro-1 and 2-3 are not the featured or final race on the schedule like in the Midwest, but the 2nd or 3rd event of the day, hence the 6am wake up call. I was watching the Pro-1 race warming up before our race and by time we got ready to race it was getting hot. Once again it was really windy so it felt a little like having your blow dryer turned on high and blowing into your face. The course was a mile circuit with a roundabout and featured 2 corners that had some raised lane markers in them. Overall not a bad course. In the race our guys rode well but in the end we just missed getting the top result we were looking for.

Monday we were up early again and this time the 2-3 race was the 2nd race of the day and the Pro-1 race after. The race course was in the Texas State fairgrounds right next to the Cotton Bowl. Kinda nice to see the place since I've seen it so many times on TV following Nebraska football. The course was a mile long rectangular 4 corner crit. Not very exciting unless you were in the Masters race when the sprinklers went off and soaked the last corner during the race. Once again the team was aggressive in the races with someone in every break. In the 2-3 race it was Jason, Jack Funk, and I. It was our best race of the weekend as we covered every break and made sure we were represented every time guys went up the road. In the end it worked out with Jason getting away in a break of 5. He ended up 4th in the end with Jack taking 2nd in the field sprint for 7th. I ended up somewhere in the top 15. I wish I could say that I had more information on the Pro-1 race but we left early. As we left Colton was off the front in a 5 rider group that included 2 Elbowz guys, ouch.

Jason and I made good time and got home pretty early Monday night so on Tuesday I figured I would do the the Tue Worlds training crit since it was going to be my only chance to ride. After 4 days of racing I was pretty tired but since it was a recovery day I was planning to just sit in all night. That plan went out the window when Shadd went off the front halfway through the race. I decided to try and bridge up to him. I was a bit sluggish on the jump but got a gap and started to close pretty fast. It was about then that I remembered that I had been racing and had tired legs and went back to the field. The rest of the night I just goofed around just testing the legs and then shutting it down.

I had Jobro and Curly with me and when they called out 3 laps to go JoBro was yelling something at me. In my mind it was 3 to go, 2 to go. In reality he thought his guitar lesson was at 7pm and was freaking out, was 7pm. So he was yelling that it was 7pm and we needed to go. I finally figured it out at 2 to go so I punched it and tried to get the race over as soon as possible. It was funny to see the look of relief on his face when I told him the his lesson was at 7:30. Then it was my turn to be concerned as I now had 20 minutes to strip down and drive to his lesson. In the end it all worked out and we arrived with 3 minutes to spare.

Today I am just crushed. Another sleepless night due to storms  and I'm a zombie. To add to my exhausted state is the fact that this week is the time where school is out and summer camp has not begun. I'm trying to get into the shop early so I can knock out my work and get home by lunch time. So far it's been good but I'll need to get to bed while it's still light out to have any hope of catching up on my sleep. Fat chance of that happening. Enough of the whining.

Let's see what I have for pictures from the weekend.....

Super sweet host housing last weekend. I can't say thank you enough to Adam's mom and husband for everything they did for us. Fabulous cooking with space to spread out and even a pool. I'll spare you any pictures of skinny fishbelly bike racers, not a pretty sight. Instead I'll give you the gang hanging out watching tv.

Our host housing was near this lake and we drove by it everyday. It's called Lake Ray Hubbard and I just could not get over how big it is. That's a 8 lane interstate running down one part of the lake.

The lighting at the Bike the Bricks left the course just a bit dark. The lights looked like spaceships instead of the stadium lights you usually see at a night race.

Team meeting before the race, kind of funny to have a meeting for 2 different races at once.

Colton drilling it. He worked hard all weekend to try and get into breaks. A few times it worked and resulted in top 10 finishes. He's getting faster all the time. Can't wait for Tulsa Tough when we get Nemo back from his injuries and the whole team will be there.

So now it's time for a rest week. While most of the team is heading to Oklahoma City next weekend. I'm going to be hanging out at home while Mathgeek heads for Lincoln to hang out with some friends. Next up for me is Tulsa Tough in 2 weeks!

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