Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a weekend

What a crazy weekend. With a week off from racing and traveling we decided that it was a good time to have JoBro's birthday party. His birthday was Wednesday but the real party was Saturday night sleepover. In the  morning I got up with one mission on my mind. Clean the house! Mathgeek was off to do something with a girlfriend for the morning so I figured I would work around the house for a while so the boys would not be home alone for too long. They can handle it but I'm a nervous dad so I can't, at least not yet. Any way..... got a bunch of cleaning done and headed off for a ride. My time frame was a little shorter that what was on my training plan so I ramped up my intensity a bit and got home to start the party. First up was taking JoBro and 3 of his buddies to see the new Avengers movie. They actually let me sit with them so I guess I'm not a geeky dad yet...... After that it was back home for burgers on the grill, cake, and all the rest of the birthday goodies. Then they were pretty much on their own, yep, ever listen to 4, 13 year old boys talk? I did, what a bunch of goof balls, stayed up till 3am alternating between basketball outside and Playstation2 inside. The only thing that stopped them from staying up all night was mathgeek getting tired of them keeping her up all night.

So Sunday I got up and figured I would get out early for a ride. Read the paper, had some coffee, and got my kit the sound of thunder????? Darn, where did that come from? Shortly after that the rain started and the kit came off. The rain started coming down harder and harder so I just waited for the boys to wake up and then helped make breakfast. It was quickly sliding into early afternoon when the rain stopped and I had a chance to get out for a ride. JoBro had a soccer game @6pm so the plan was for me to get out and ride meeting Mathgeek and the boys at the game. Once again the time I had was shorter than my planned ride but I rode a bit harder to get done in time. The whole time I was riding I kept my eye on the weather and it was looking nasty all around me from time to time. I managed to dodge all the rain and rolled into the soccer complex a half hour before game time. Unfortunately they were under a lightning delay and shortly after I arrived they called the game. I thought it was kind of overkill, there was no lightning or rain at the moment, why call the game? Whatever, I debated riding the rest of the way home but it would of been another 30 min and I was baked. So I loaded up my bike in the van and hitched a ride home. Once we got rolling I could see some lightning to the east and the sky was getting darker. At home the rain had started and I thought I could hear the faint sound of a tornado siren!

Flipped on the TV and YIKES! There was a tornado and it actually was not that far away. Watching on the TV we could see the tornado but it didn't last long and soon after the threat was over. Pretty weird that I rode my bike through the same spot where the tornado was about 30 minutes earlier. Pretty crazy. So now I'm sitting here listening to the thunder rumble and watching the lightning flash. Pretty busy weekend that's for sure.

JoBro has grand plans to become a rock star, Should be fun to watch him learn to play.

Next weekend the Mercy boys will be at it again at the Tour de Grove in St. Louis. 3 days of racing and we will have most of the crew together again. Yahoo!!!

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