Sunday, May 13, 2012

MoPro Weekend Day 1-2

What a difference a year makes. Last year we came to this race and it rained all weekend, the roads the courses were on were terrible, and it was cold!This year it's been great. The weather could not be better and the city had repaved some of the roads so the courses are much better this year as well.

As for the races, This weekend is on of those times the team is split between two races. Half of the team is racing the 2-3 race and the rest in the Pro-1. It's kind of nice to watch the Pro-1 race for a change since I'm usually in it. But since these races are pulling in the best crit guys in the country I'm fine with watching. The tweet of the day yesterday was, "Watching the Pro-1 race is like watching Nascar at Daytona, everybody is just waiting for the big crash to happen". So far that's the way it's gone, 150 guys in the group with a few laps to go means something is going to happen. Friday night it started with 6 to go and yesterday it was on 1 lap to go.

Friday night we had Jason, Logan, and I in the 2-3 race. Personally I had a terrible race but Jason and Logan were riding well. Near the end of the race Jason got away with a group and I got to the front to block the chase but he was caught with less than 1 lap to go. But the chase strung out the field and Logan was in the perfect spot to sprint and won the race. In the Pro-1 race the guys were looking pretty good near the end of the race when the crashing began. First Colton got held up by a crash with 6 to go and then Zach got caught in a pile-up with 1 lap to go. It's a bummer but none of our guys ended up with any damage bikes or bodies.

Saturday was the Tour de Grove. In the 2-3 race we worked well together and I actually had a pretty good race. Since Logan is sprinting well and trying to get upgrade points we figured it would be best to keep the field together and go for the sprint. So I spent a good portion of the race chasing down breakaway attempts and in the end tried to lead out Logan in the sprint. I got him to the last turn in front of the group but just ran out of gas a little to far out from the finish. He ended up 5th which is still pretty good. In the Pro-1 race both Zach and Colton were active going in break attempts and riding near the front but it was going to come down to a field sprint in the end. With 4 laps to go there was a crash the held up Colton so he took a free lap but was then too far back to move up for the sprint. Zach was in the top 20 with 1 lap to go when the big crash happened. When the group started the last lap there were 100 guys, when they came around for the finish there were around 30, the rest either went down or were held up by the crash. Once again our guys were  lucky and didn't hit the ground but their races were over at that point.

So today is the Dutchtown Classic. Hopefully we will have a little better luck at this one.

here's some Pic's from yesterdays races,

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