Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Toour of Kansas City, Day 2

Day 2 of the Tour of KC was another late start day. Today we went at 4 pm which is not really late but being a home race I couldn't help but get a few things done around the house before heading to the race. When you are racing out of town you tend to relax and just stay rested until race time. But what I did was mostly inside which is good because Sunday was hot!

As for the race, the team came prepared with a ton of ice and water and a few extra bodies to spray, splash, or hand up bottles if allowed. We all warmed up and started the race with ice bags tucked into our jerseys. That was something new for me, I've seen others do it so I figured I had nothing to loose. Overall the race went well for us. We had planned to race aggressively and try to get a group up the road and it worked out after a series of attacks. A group of 10 got away with 5 Mercy riders and that left the rest of us in the field. At that point I did my thing and got to the front of the group and tried to slow the chase. It took a while for the break to get a good gap and it seemed like they were stuck at 20 seconds ahead forever but after a while they finally got out of sight. Then all hell broke loose when Brian from Tradwind and Colton lapped the field with 10 laps to go. The Tradewind guys went to the front and increased the pace the rest of the break couldn't catch on. Then with just a lap to go Shadd jumped off the front of the field and caught the remains of the break with a half a lap to go. About that time Zack picked up Colton an the back side of the course and started the lead out for the finish. At the line Colton got the win with Brian 2nd. After making a huge effort Shadd won the sprint from the rest of the break for 3rd. In the end we finished with 1st,3rd,6th,7th,8th, and 11th.

Not too shabby, tactically we played the game a little better that yesterday and for me I rode a little better. With any luck I'll continue to improve in both fitness and health before next weeks Tour of Lawrence.

No bottle hand ups but a hose worked pretty well.

Nice shot of Shadd and I from Saturday night.

Sundays podium with Shadd, Colton, and Brian.

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