Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tour of Lawrence, KU Circuit Race

Where to start on this one......... I guess it was just going to be one of those days. One where nothing goes quite how you planned and in the end you just should of stayed home. One of this weekends issues is that I was running solo with a 10 year old. I'm not complaining, it's part of being a dad. But I am a true worrier and with Curley it's even worse. Friday night at the street sprints Devon and the crew at One-2-Go Event Services let Curly hang out in the trailer with them so it wasn't too stressfull. Yesterday was a totally different situation. It was all hands on deck situation with the heat and long circuit race so the feed zone was going to be a busy place. I was going to have to put my trust in people to keep an eye on him while I race but then they also have to pay attention to the race and be ready to hand up bottles. It's not that I don't trust my friends but the stress of worrying about what could happen kills me.

So like in the street sprints I left Curly and rode to the start line with no warm up at all. We got lined up and the first lap was pretty hard. I was hurting right off the bat but was hoping the pace would slow a bit and my legs would come around. No such luck, by the second lap I wa hanging onto the back of the field. On the 3rd lap I slammed into one of the many potholes on the course and my bars slipped down. I must of had all my weight on the front brake lever because it rotated in at the same time and applied the front brake. By the time I smacked it with my hand and moved it back I was off the back of the field. Oh well, I wasn't going to last much longer anyway.

As a team we had a ok race. The guys rode hard and our support crew was awesome. In the end we got 7th,9th,15th,16th.

Yea, it was that hard!

Heading for the start

Colton with eventual winner Sean Sullivan(Elbowz)

Today is the final day of the Tour of Lawrence with the downtown crit. Still debating weather I want to race or not. It's going to be a game time decision.

Photos: Elizabeth Rangle

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