Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flatwater Cyclocross Weekend

So many choices of where to race last weekend, in fact, too many choices. There were races in Lincoln NE, Tulsa OK, Des Moines IA, or Kansas City. Looking at results from the races it appears that there were so many competing races that it diluted the fields at all the races. Not a good thing for the promoters.

My choice was to head to Lincoln Ne. Mathgeek had to study for a exam so needed to get the boys out of the house for the weekend. Whenever I travel out of town to race with the boys I've found it tough to focus on the races. Going into the weekend I was fighting a cold and since I had the boys I decided to do the masters race. It worked out pretty well. I could race before the kids got bored of being at the races and there wern't too many people out there early so I could keep track of what they were up to.

I have to say that I allways enjoy the the Pioneers Park venue and nothing beats coming back home to race. Seems like the weekend flies by and I never get a chance to see all the people that I want to see. Thanks to the Burke's for giving us a place to hang out and to John Lefler and the crew for putting on the race.

Jay running the barriers. 3rd on day 1

Curly was our photographer all weekend. I still have to figure out how to put some video on here.

Podium for the Masters Race. Won both days as Paul and Randall battled all weekend to fill out the podium.

Curly shot this picture, not too bad for a 10yr old!

Day 1 Open Podium

Nate the bunnyhopper in action
Fun weekend. Got to race, hang out with the boys, and see some friends. Only thing that would of made it better was it Mathgeek was there with us. Next time.

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