Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boss Cross 3 and KC Fun

Pretty fun weekend here in KC. Spent Saturday morning hanging out with the family and got a few things done around the house. Rolled out of the house just in time to arrive at the Riverside race venue and get a few laps in as a warm up. Got signed up and soon it was race time. I was terrible off the start but after a lap I ended up in 2nd place with Joe all ready pulling away. I knew Andrew was back there somewhere and no doubt he was charging to the front of the race. At that point I tried to run a steady pace and hold a gap over the chasers but sure enough Andrew was slowly catching me a little every lap. With 3 laps to go Andrew caught me and I planned to just ride with him to the end of the race but I bobbled on the barriers and gave him a gap. That was pretty much it, race over. Joe wan, Andrew 2nd, me third. Pretty happy with the race and how I rode. I had the Quark Power meter on my bike so it should be interesting to see what the data looks like.

After the race we headed down to the Plaza for the Water Fire Festival. Hours of dancers, music, and singing, and tons of FIRE! Pretty fun evening for the whole family.
Should be an interesting week for training. I have Cyclocross Specific Intervals on my workout schedule for the first time this year. I guess its time to get serious.

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