Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Colivita Cup / Zonhoven Superprestige Cross

Last weekend was a good one for cyclocross lovers. In the KC area we had the Colivita Cup/Boulevard Cup cross races and on the web was the Superprestige Zonhoven. My training plan had me racing the Colivita race on Saturday and training on Sunday. That worked out really well for me as I had a ton of stuff to get done around the house before the next round of race traveling begins. Since I'm such a slug in the morning I decide to race the masters race since it was the first race of the day. Best to get my butt moving early so I dont sit around drinking coffee all morning. I got to the venue and Britton and the rest of the Colivita/Volker crew set up a pretty fun course. Fast and flowy with a fair amount of climbing.

Once again the masters category was huge! The 40+ race went first and the 50+ 30 sec later. Steve from 360 took the hole shot and right away we ran into the rear end of the 40+ race. I put my old motocross skills to use and got through the lappers and into the lead by the end of the lap. From there on I tried to keep consistent laps and work on my cornering . Ended up winning the race and tried to get out of there quick. It never works, I just enjoy hanging out at the races and talking to everyone so it usually takes a while to leave. But I did get home early, by time to open race was starting I was home cleaning out the gutters and hanging Christmas lights. Got a lot done on a nice warm day.

Sunday we got up and had a nice breakfast of fruit and waffles and then settled down to watch the Superprestige race on the computer. If you missed it you missed a good one. The last lap had me holding my breath it was so exciting. I usually don't get that fired up watch a race on tv but the course was cool and the battle riveting. Below I have both video versions, the last lap and then the whole race.

This is the whole race
and this is the last lap version
Getting ready to hit the road again. The next round of the USGP series in Louisville this weekend and the following weekend is Jingle Cross. Louisville will be fun since we will be racing on the course that will be used for the Elite World Championships in February. Then theres Jingle Cross, 3 days of craziness that's all ways fun.

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