Thursday, January 31, 2013

Masters Cross Worlds

Today was the Masters Cyclocross World Championships race for me. Overall it went pretty well and I ended up 5th. At this point I'm really not sure how I feel about that result. On one had it's pretty good considering 3 weeks ago I could barely walk. On the other hand I really wanted that podium. But was not to be and I have to live with that. Conditions were the toughest Ive ever had to race in. So tough that we only did 3 laps during the 40 minute race. Oh well, on to tomorrow and Marks race. A bu nch more KC folks race tomorrow in totally different conditions as the mud changes to frozen ruts and snow.Have to give a shout out to Steve Tilford for winning my race and Dean Parker and Doug Long for podium spots in their race.

The start of my race, I'm sucking air all ready

More running than I needed to do.

What a mess

Steve Tilford, Jeff Appletans, and I pre-race
Off to bed, another early start tommorrow.
Thanks for the pics and the cheers, JP, Travis, and the rest of the KC gang. Cant forget to say thanks to Mark for his help in the pit.

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