Monday, January 21, 2013

One week to go until Cyclocross Worlds and it appears that I might just get to ride next week. I was pretty worried that my calf wouldn't heal quick enough but I saw the doc today and got the clearance to ride. I guess that's not quite true, he said in a weeks time I should be healed enough that I shouldn't make it any worse by racing. So for the next week its ibuprofen, ice, and ems (electronic muscle stimulation). I really think the ems unit has made all the difference in getting my leg healed. I've been using it every day from the time Ive been injured and my calf felt better after just one treatment. It's going to be interesting to see how I feel in a weeks time.

Love the doctors at KCOI. I know quite a few guys riders who have been here for various reasons.

I saw this picture of Andy Hampsten the other day and it reminded me of the pre -epo era of cycling. I still remember watching Hampsten climb on the front one year and he was off the back the next year.  Bummer, glad to see the sport heading back the cleaner side.

More as the we get closer to go time.

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