Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Worlds-Pre Season

Not too much to write about since Cross Worlds. I have a planned rest going on that's supposed to last until March. It may take a few more days to get started due to the Supercross race in St.Louis but I'll be getting back in the training mode soon enough. With all of the snow the past week riding outside has been pretty much impossible anyway. At least the boys and I have been busy playing in the snow. Of course it seems like everybody else is pre season training mode and for some the road season has begun.

Lynn from Podum Insight is back working again with the Cal Giant boys.

Joe and the Elbowz guys won 2 races last weekend.

Zach got 2nd on day one for the new Think Finance Pb Trek Stores team

The boys and I built 2 igloos connected by a 30 ft tunnel. No shortage of snow in KC

Shadd and I managed to get out on the road between snow storms

Carly helped out with the fort building
Hopefully the snow will slow down and we can get out on the road more in the near future.

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