Saturday, June 20, 2015

Up early today after another late night getting back to the house. Yesterdays race, the Uptown Criterium start time was 7:50PM so by time we pack up, eat, and drive......well you get the picture. From my point of view the race went pretty well. Even though 4 of our 6 riders got caught up in a crash nobody got hurt and there was no damage to the bikes. I does make your heart skip a beat when you hear there was a big crash on the back side of the course. You just have to wait for the field to come around and see who's left. I started prepping for wheel/bike changes as the field came into sight but everybody went to pit 2 and our guys were OK. The rest of the race was clean for us with no other incidents.

Uptown Results:
Alberto 17th
Zach      22nd
Nate      43rd
Heath    46th
Adam    74th
Colton    79th

Heath 19th @:51
Zach   21st @1:00
Nate    56th@4:23
Alberto 59th@5:08
Colton   64th@5:38
Adam    80th@23:42

So today is a much earlier start for the 101 mile Menomonie Road Race. Leaving the house at 10:30am for a 1:30pm race. This is traditionally where the General Classification really shakes out the contenders for the win. At the moment it raining but it's supposed to clear off for the race. Hope so, rain makes for a pretty hectic day in the caravan. Here's some pictures from yesterday.

Loaded a ready to roll

Gus and Kansas native/cycling legend Scott Moninger

I using this super cool chain guide from Park Tool. the roller can move as shift the derailleur.

Zach was making friends with some the local kids before the race.

Sometimes it's tough to find food at 10pm. We ended up in a Fusion Bar/restaurant.

Zach attempting to bridge up to the break. So close.....

Alberto is so excited to race.
That's it for today, time to get to work!

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