Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Crit, Week #2

Yep, you saw it here first. Cam Chambers on a road bike, and doing a training crit as well. Nothing like a little speed work to round out the endurance training.
Cam hung tough on what he said was his third crit ever.

Some of the A group getting ready to start. The race was pretty fast, I heard that there was a 24.8 mph average. Seems like there were quite a few attacks and there was allways someone off the front with the group chasing. Only near the end did Shadd and Adam get off the front and stay off to the end. I ended up in good position for the field sprint and ended up 2nd in the sprint and 4th in the race. Wow, points two weeks in a row! Speaking of points, I'm looking at creating a spreadsheet but I'm just too tired right now. Below you'll find this weeks results and the overall poit so far.

Tuesday KC Crit Points

Week # 2
Adam Mills 5
Shadd Smith 4
Graham Aldredge 3
Tom Price 2
David Hedjuk 1

Overall Points

Shadd Smith 9
Adam Mills 5
Bill Marshall 4
Graham Aldrege 3
Tom Price 3
David Hedjuk 3

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