Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seasonal freakout

Like all other cyclists I'm riding the temperature roller coaster and hating life. Riding in the cold is OK and I'm doing more this year than ever before. Then we get a warm up and I feel great riding out on the road. Then the hammer falls and it's into the teens for a daytime high. Back on the mtb and into the woods we go! Don't get me wrong, riding in the snow is a riot, it's just that the body just doesn't react to the change in temp as well as it used to.

60 degree January ride with the boys.

This brings me to the seasonal freak out. If you are a racer you know what I'm talking about. Talk to a few people, read a few blogs, and all the sudden you start thinking you're not training/riding enough. Every year I go through this and even though I know it all evens out by time the season rolls around...... I still feel like I need to do more than just ride around. But, I think I'll just stick with what I'm doing and wait for spring!

Here's some motivation, the Team frames are here!


Coach said...

Temp roller got that right. The only good thing might be enough snow to ski in a day or two based on the forecast. This is January...Sometimes Mother nature likes to give us a teaser. It's all about base and core and not getting sick.

ScottyD said...

That's the thing about the intraweb you can see what everyone is doing or not doing. Can lead to a seasonal disorder for sure. But its better than racing in the pre intraweb days when you trained all winter for that first race of the season wondering if you had done enough. Which always left me with 3 straight months of anxiety.

That's a pile of frames