Monday, June 22, 2009

Going back home......and the Tour of KC Part 1

Now here's a hallmark of rides in Lincoln, NE, Denton Hill. Many a ride has been blown to pieces here over the years. Typically the hill comes after a hard tailwind run through the Denton Alps, a long stretch of rolling road that's a 53x11 spun out on the downhills and run what you got on the uphills. Super fun in a group. This week is was a solo ride, as all my rides have been the last few weeks. Hard to meet up with others since I never know when I'll be able to ride until the last moment. Since Mathgeeks Dad has been ill I've been able to get out for 2-3 hours when we are in Lincoln and I'm pretty sure I've been on the bike more in Lincoln than in KC. Strange how things work out sometimes. Anyway, it's been fun riding all of the old rides that I did when I first started racing bikes.
So tomorrow is another Tuesday KC Crit and it's going to be a burner, hot, hot, hot! But it will get you ready for the Tour of KC Part 1 this weekend. Don't forget to get signed up online before tomorrow at midnight. Late entry for all categories $10.00! That makes it $40.00 to enter most races if you wait until day of race(Pro 1-2 it's even more) Tough call for me, pre-enter, save $30.00, and hope I'll be here, or wait and just race a day or two. I'll be sitting here tomorrow night, in the same seat, staring at the screen, and pondering that same question.

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-kw said...

Give me a call next time you're in Lincoln. My schedule is pretty felxible. —kw