Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday KC Crit, Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!

Yep......... it really does say 121 degrees! OK, it really was something like 100 degrees or so as we headed out to the race. It really didn't feel that bad to me but I like the heat, Scott was not so happy when we were riding to the race.

Even with the heat we still got a pretty big group out for the races. Again a different kind of race with most of the big guns sitting out again this week. Shadd made a cameo appearance and rode a lap before going home. Kind of funny, tailgunning with Shadd on the first lap I ask him who's here that can make the race go? Hmmmmm, Stefan and Phil are here, have to watch those two. So Shadd drops off and I roll up to the front. Didn't take long for Stfan and Phil to go and I jump with them. It doesn't work and we sit up as the group catches us. A few laps go by and again and Stefan jumps with Phil, Cam, and a Colvita guy on his wheel. I was kind of boxed in but got out before the gap got too big and got across to the break. It took a 3/4 of a lap to get there and I was gassed. Problem was that Cam and the Colvita guy were gassed too. I needed a lap to recover but they were opening gaps. Soon the Colvita guy sat up and not long after Cam came off. Luckily I started to recover and we got our pulls figured out and started to open up the gap to the field. As for our pulls, Stefan is a Cat 1 rider for the Mercy team that was top 20 in last weeks Winghaven NRC race. He was pulling for most of the lap while Phil and I pulled the start finish straight. Did it hurt, oh yea, but I can tell that the training with Adam is working. I would of never been able to close that gap earlier this year. So in the end Stefan won, I was 2nd, and Phil third. Mark Cole won the field sprint with David Hedjuk right behind. Now for the points....

Tues Crit Result

  1. Stefan Rothe
  2. Tom Price
  3. Phil Gronniger
  4. Mark Cole
  5. David Hedjuk

Overall Points as of 6/23/09
Shadd Smith 55
Brian Bradley 20
David Hejduk 19
Brian Jensen 17
Phil Gronniger 15
Tom Price 13
Mark Cole 11
Joe Schmalz 10
Adam Miller 7
Adam Mills 5
Bill Marshall 5
Stefan Rothe 5
Matt Ankeney 4
Nick Coil 4
Jason Knight 3
Lawrence Simonson 3
Chris Hall 2
Lyle Reynolds 2
Marlin ? 2
Paul Fancher 2
Patrick Angell 1
Jeff Winkler 1
Jeremy Pych 1
Andrew Coe 1
John Sieczkowski 1
Doug Plummer 1

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