Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour of KC Part 1

Congrats to Justin and his whole crew for putting on an awesome weekend of racing. Best way to describe the whole event is smooth! I can't wait for round 2 when we go back to the traditional courses. Don't forget that this weekend is The Tour of Lawrence, big money, cool courses, don't miss this one! IF YOU ARE ON THE FENCE DON'T MISS ONLINE REGISTRATION! THE LATE FEE IS $20.00!!!!!! I believe the deadline is Thursday night but I would check to be sure.

The Lincoln Industries crew at the Tour of KC. We even had KB's kids down for the Jr race. They took 1st and 4th.

For me the weekend was a mixed bag, some good races, some bad. One of these days the stars will align and everything will fall into line, but for now I'll take what I can get. Sure had fun hanging out with these guys!

When I wasn't racing I was trading child care with JT. Don't these two look innocent?

OK not so much, my ears are still ringing after this weekend. Saturday they decided the church behind them was haunted.

Food and electronics slowed them down for a bit on Saturday, but then the rains came.........

Through all the chaos this weekend we had a blast. Pretty much a boys weekend at the house while mathgeek was in Lincoln. Who knows what next week will bring............

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