Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cross Practice

Super nice night out for the Wednesday Cross Practice. It was the first week for me and I was truly amazed at the number of people out there. It looked like there was at least 60 people of different abilities out there attempting to figure out this cyclocross thing. In the picture you see three different groups, true beginners, people with a few races under their belt, and the crew that wants to go faster this season. My coach, Adam, from Source Endurance was there helping with the faster group while Mark, Theresa, and Mike took the other groups. If you are thinking about trying cross I would come on out next week, it's kind of nice to have someone tell you where to put your feet on dismounts!

Jonas came out to see what this cross stuff is all about. He's loving the new bike even though it's a little big. Might even try a cross race or two.

But, for now he may have to focus on Soccer. Only halfway through the season at this point. Usually he plays at Heritage but last week he had team pictures taken at the new Overland Park Soccer complex. Super nice place, all the fields are astroturf, they even have finely ground rubber that looks like dirt in the grass, wow.

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