Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Long time, no post

Missed the opening weekend of the cross season due to injuries, what a bummer. Lil' Boy and I were over at Marshall's house as the KCCX crew loaded up and headed out for Herman Cross. I do love night races, and a cross race at night would of been even better. Instead we both hung our heads as the team drove off and we headed for home. Closer to home the 360 crew put on a fine cross/mtb weekend at Swope. Well, here's to hoping for a speedy recovery for both of us.

So instead of racing I opted for a flat cruise up to Parkville. Now if you've done this ride before you know there are a bunch of signs and lane changes, you have to pay attention.... or you may, possibly, end up on 635. Kind of wondered why there was so much traffic all of the sudden. Ended up down by the casino on Hwy 69, bushwhacked in the median, and ended up going back on 635 to get back on track. Might have to pay more attention next time. Overall a pretty good ride.

So why is it that we take vacation time from do work around the house. Something wrong with that! So it was finally time to tackle the hardwood floor. Mathgeek was threatening to hire someone if I didn't get it done and wining about the knee wasn't going to hold her off any longer. (even if she still can't stand to look at it) So here's the view of the dining room pre-installation, pretty nasty stuff under the old carpet!

Started in the dining room and worked my way into the living room. All most done!

Overall it took a day and a half to get the floor done. I must of wasted half of the first day figuring out how to get started and how I wanted the floor to look. After that putting the floor down went pretty quick. Renting the nailer is the way to go and I got to get a air compressor out of the deal.

The finished floor! Yea.........Next up, new base boards and I'm done.

So I had two days to get the floor down before I had to get ready for our trip out east. In my need for speed I knew I needed to cut wood outside, but close to the rooms I was working in. The garage was out, too far away. The deck was perfect, until it started to rain! Up went the tarp, worked great even in the pouring rain. Kinda trailer parkish but it makes me think that it would be really nice to have a covered deck. Maybe I should leave it up, my neighbors will love it.

Next up, Funeral Service for Mathgeeks father in Pittsburgh. It's going to be a long trip, 14 hr drive each way. Wish we had time to get back to Cleveland but there just isn't enough time. One more week off the race scene then it 's back to the races until Nationals.

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Ted said...

Floor looks great Tom. We missed you out at Swope this weekend! Glad to see you are recovering fast.