Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happiness is a clean(and quiet) bike

Finally cleaned my bike up from the last few rides in the woods. Seems like the only time I ride it is when it's stupid cold and at those temps it's tough to wash it outside. But, I had to do it. The last two times I went to Minor Park my brakes were squealing so loud that the dogs outside the park started barking. Geez, even I couldn't stand it and started using the front brake........until it started squealing too. But now it's all good, clean and quiet. Now I have to wait for it to freeze again to get out and ride.

The ongoing battle with Mathgeek over the Speculoos continues! I tried to hide it at her request but she told me my skills at hiding suck. Definitely some spoon marks in there. I've got to admit the stuff is addicting. I did find out that you can get it from a place in San Francisco but it's a bit pricey at $17.00 for 2 jars. I still think it's worth it!

I've been watching the Olympics the lately and last night's coverage was pretty awesome. Lot's of thrills, spills, and skills! I also have been watching the Cross Country skiing during the day. Makes me really miss my days in Cleveland where we had groomed trails and 20+ days on the ski's. Tonight the fight is on......mathgeek wants to watch skating while I'll be looking for something with a little more speed.


mathgeek said...

You've honed your skills. I cannot find it.

sstevensinkc said...

You could hide it at the shop;-)