Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's the little things.....

When we were on Portland for the USGP and Nationals Lil' boy brought some goodies back from Belgium with him to share with the crew. I absolutely loved the Speculoos spread and the chocolate covered wafers and mentioned to Lil'boy that it would be cool if he could bring some back for me. Since he came back from Worlds he's been buried in homework and tests but he found some time to stop by the shop with with a goodie bag from Belgium for me.

Check it out! Not only did he get me some awesome food he also got me some hats from the new World Champions fan club. Now Mathgeek is totally hooked on Speculoos but that's another story.

I really wish the would import Speculoos into the US, this stuff is awesome!

The new bike is pretty close to being done. With the weather like it is I'm in no rush.

Got out for a nice group ride today. Started with 10 which is the biggest group so far this year. Nice to get back on the bike after being off for the last week. Hard to say what tomorrow will bring, snow, rain, maybe..... cold for sure. Might be time to head for the woods.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't tell you and the Mathgeek this, but you can get that stuff in the states.
It's known as Biscoff over here and you can find the cookies at Walgreens. They also serve the cookies on Delta flights.
As far as the spread I'm not sure where I have seen it, but even if you can't find it locally you can always order it.


TP said...

I think I looked up Biscoff before and totally forgot about it. Now that Mathgeek found out about I'm really in trouble!