Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flanders, Roubaix, Monsoons, and the first sighting of the year!

I watched the last 10K of Flanders on the net and it was awesome so I went ahead and taped the coverage on Versus to watch at a later date. Cancellara's attack was something to see but the whole race was really fun to watch. Next up, Paris-Roubaix..... from the pictures that I've seen it looks like it's a little wet right now, wonder if there is going to be more rain? I think they're due for some epic conditions one of these years.

Last weekend I went on the PV Starbucks ride where we rolled out east and did tanker hill, headed back west and finished off the ride on the hard 9. Nice ride and a really quick pace. Riding in a big group that fast makes it feel like motorpacing at times. Rode with the Boss and the Bosses boss. Both Scott and JT were sporting the Trek KC kits on the ride. Pretty sweet looking stuff. There's grey or white versions or you can mix and match as modeled above.

Lots of cleaning after Tuesday nights monsoon. I didn't have to ride home since I had to drive to the crit from work so my bike was pretty clean. Some of the others......not so much. At least the frame doesn't hold water and it was all gone by the next morning.

Here it is, in all it's glory..........I present the 1st backward fork of the season! People either bring these in shortly after they bought them or after they hated the bike, hung it in the garage for a while, and now want to fix it so they can sell it. So they come to us and say that it handles funny and my feet hit the tire when I turn. The bummer here is that big box retailers continue to churn out bike that look like this and turn off people to bikes. Usually we can change their attitude by just loosening the stem, flipping the wheel, and giving the bike a quick tune. Amazing how easy it is to make people happy and show them how much fun it is to ride a bike!

This one is for Grampa, the boys getting ready to head off to Easter church services. There getting bigger everyday!

So what are you going to do this weekend? Quite a few people are heading off to Hillsboro-roubaix weekend near St.Louis. I'll be heading to Lawrence to give the MTB race a try at River Trails. Last time I rode my MTB it was 8 degrees, snowy, and I'm pretty sure I fractured my kneecap. This one should be interesting.....

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