Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lot's of racing this weekend

It was a good weekend for the Tradewind/Trek Stores team out east with Brian taking the win in the Tour of Battenkill. From the report it sound like Steve was in the break all day and when they got caught Brian was there to take the win. Pretty big win for a two man team!

The Mercy boys ventured off to do the Hillsboro-Roubaix weekend in Il/St.Louis. It's a pretty big race with full fields on narrow roads that included a few gravel sections. I haven't heard any stories from the race but it looks like Joe and Shadd were top 10 with Nick (Tradewind) rolling in with a top 10 as well. No word yet on Sunday's crit results other than to hear that Choch crashed and destroyed a frame. Good thing I'm going to get his new bike ready tomorrow, he leaves for Sea Otter Tuesday!

I'll admit it.......I'm a Chris Horner Fan. I'm not sure why, I guess it's just that he seems like a working class guy that keeps plugging along no matter what happens. Through the years he's bounced from team to team, Europe to the States, just finding a way to keep racing. Today he won the TT in the Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco with enough of a cushion to take the overall. It would be nice to see him stay uninjured and get to ride the tour this year.

As for me.... did the River Trails MTB race on Saturday. Figured it was going to be a challenge, it had been a while since I rode a mountain bike and the course was going to be flat and fast. Kind of weird at sign up, the person put me in the Cat 1, 50+ race! Hmmm, 50+.............definitely been at this a while. No matter, the Cat 1 race usually goes off as 1 big group, but I freaked when they sent off the younger group and held the 40+/50+ group for a minute before we started. It's really not that big of a deal but I really wanted to start with Aaron, Bill, Mark, Doug, and the rest of the guys. Not that the 40+/50+ crew were slouches, far from it, it's just that I know I'll go harder when the whole group is together.

So off we go and I got the holeshot and was 1st in to the woods. The first lap was my best lap, fast and flowing, it was good.......and kind of bad. My legs had that weird feeling right away, that feeling that you get when you know you are going to cramp eventually. About a month ago I had a total leg(s) lockup and had to be pushed up the hills to get home. I told myself that was not going to happen today. The race was 5 laps and as the race went on I was catching people but also feeling worse. I caught Doug and Mark, and actually caught the guy that was running in 3rd place overall. Unfortunately........just as he moved over to let me by I got caught up in the loamy soil on the edge of the course and crashed. For a second I thought my race was over, both thighs cramp as I'm trying to get out of my pedals. Yikes, 3/4 of a lap to go, time to go into survival mode and try to finish. Luckily for me my legs recovered a bit and when mark caught me near the end of the race I had enough to gas it again and hold onto 4th overall and 1st in the 50+.

Pretty good day, beautifull weather, great course conditions, and had fun hanging out after the race. Actually got some good trail time in, did 3 laps before the race, the 5 lap race, and a 3/4 lap to cool down after the race. I felt ok after the race but later I was completely waisted, too bad I had to go home and mow the yard!

and now, it's Sunday night, Boo Monday!!!!!!

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