Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Kind of hard to believe that we got this weeks race in between all the the rain we've had. Pretty good turn out in both races and good racing all around. I really don't have much of a story to tell. Felt pretty bad going into the race but I figured that I would do what I could to help out the team and it was all going pretty well. A break got up the road with 2 teammates and Choch and it all looked good. Shortly after that I felt my rear tire go soft and I knew my night was over. From what I hear the break stayed away and all most lapped the field.

And the winner is.........Shadd!

Good sized group for the B-race.

Gina was out again taking pictures and videos. Thanks Gina!

Speaking of videos, here's one of the A race field sprint.

Tue Night Crit Results:

  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Phil Gronniger
  3. Joe Schmalz
  4. Andrew Coe
  5. Andy Chocha


Shadd Smith 31
Mark Cole 14
Joe Schmalz 9
Andy Chocha 6
Bill Marshall 6
Phil Gronniger 5
Nick Coil 5
Brian Bradley 4
Matt Ankeny 4
Matt Ochs 4
Brian Jensen 3
Andrew Coe 2
Jason Knight 2
Josh Crow 2
Bill Stolte 2
Joe Houston 2
John Pahlman 1
David Hedjuk 1
Doug Obershaw 1
Steve Songer 1

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