Sunday, May 9, 2010

That week flew by.....

Last week repairs at the shop kind of went like the one in the picture above. Yea, that's a 1/4" nut holding on this guys front wheel. He didn't see a problem with it but I went ahead and made it right. That's how it went, people attempting to kill themselves on bikes and and we end up fixing them, at the very least, to make them safe.

Wink rode well for a 2nd overall and 1st 40+. Aaron was motoring and got the win, you can read his perspective here.

I really wanted to go to the Joe Martin Stage Race but it just didn't work out, which was really frustrating, but I decided to do a MTB race instead. Krug Park in St. Joe MO has awesome trails and they were in perfect shape. Scott and I drove up and we were ready to go, more on that later......

Andy had a good ride, 2nd 40+ I believe.

Scott had a great ride for 3rd place !

This is what I ended up walking back to the truck. Got a pretty poor start and had to work my way back up to the front by time we got to the singletrack. Aaron was gone and there were a few guys between Wink and I not long after we entered the singletrack. I got around the guys pretty quick and closed the gap to Wink but as soon as I did I felt the back wheel bottom out on a rock. It didn't go flat right away so I thought I was ok but I guess it was leaking. I gave it a shot of CO2 but it didn't take long, it was going down again when the tire rolled in a turn and instantly went flat. The sidewall of the tire was torn and the tube wouldn't stay in the tire, my day was done in the first mile of the race. Bummer, but I did get to take a nice walk in the woods with my bike.
News from the Joe Martin Stage race: Joe, my teammate on Mercy Cycling got 2nd in the Cat1-2 race, nice result for Joe and the team!
On a more serious note, Dean Parker was injured in Saturdays road race and is still in the hospital in Fayettville tonight. I don't have any details about what happened, his injuries are serious but he should recover from what I've heard. Keep him in your thoughts, the next few weeks are going to be rough.
Time for bed.....gotta go.

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