Saturday, June 26, 2010

ToKC Longview

Last night was the first of three races in the Tour of KC this weekend. The race got shortened due to a wedding that was taking place at a chapel on the course. It shortened our race but what can you do, we race every week but you only get married once, or twice.....or maybe.... anyway you get the idea. Interesting race, I really don't like the course but it worked out for this race. Since Joe is at Nationals our only real weapon in this race was Shadd so the Mercy Team decided to work for him. It didn't take long for Shadd to instigate a move that was followed by Bill from the Tradewind/Trek Stores team. At that point I just went to the front and rode a steady tempo that would see the break steadily gain time on the group. The race itself was pretty steady but pretty easy to control as anytime a attack would go that I couldn't cover the Tradewind guys would handle. In the end Shadd would go on to win one for the Mercy Team. Logan rode a good race after working all day at the race with Bill, place out of the money.

I guess this is what it looked like for most of the race. Me setting tempo with Nick(Tradewind) and Jason ready to help out.

I'm getting pretty low here so it's really starting to hurt. I was pretty tired for the last 3 laps but determined to hang on and finish.
Today is day 2, the Cliff Drive Classic. It's gonna tough, 2 climbs a lap, 50 miles, and it's HOT.

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