Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photos from the week

This was after the last Tue worlds. Stopped off in the parking lot for a beer before heading out to Quik Trip to get a tall boy for the ride home. Good year at the crit, nice weather and record attendance.

Finally getting around to reinstalling the cabinets in the computer hutch. Looks like the counter top got warped in the time it was in the garage, bummer.

The cross team got the last shipment of Reynolds wheels. Right now I'm in the middle of gluing 15 sets of wheels.

That's a bunch of Challenge tires! All of them partially glued and all most ready to go on. We have every tread pattern they make and soon a new one.

That was my number last week for the Pro 1-2 race at Gateway Cup. The field limit was 150 and we were very close every day.
Better get cracking, a house to get finished, tires to glue, and cross bikes to build.

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