Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking for the sweet spot

Went out to Cross out the old Year race yesterday after working a few hours at the shop. I knew that it was going to get cold but when I got out there I was a little surprised by how cold it was. If the temp wasn't bad enough the howling wind made it even worse. Kudo's to the folks that made it out and raced! I keep thinking that I want to get out and race one of the final races of the season but I know I just need to take the time and let my body recover before the road season starts. It's tough to sit out the races but my season was planned out to end with Nationals. Next year the plan will be to race all the way to Nationals and Worlds and if that's the plan from the beginning I think it will be easy to stay motivated.

This has really got me motivated for the road season. Our KCCX wheel sponsor Reynolds is going to sponsor the road team as well. We will have super sweet carbon wheels for racing and training and they even built up Powertap wheels for us as well. That will make my coach happy as I now have no excuse to leave the PowerTap wheel on the sideline at races.

I will say that KC has some of the wildest weather changes of all the places I've lived. It was near 70 degrees on Thursday and in the 30's and dropping on Friday. At the moment the temp is near 20 and it might get to freezing today. Brrrrrr, I'm ready for spring!
So what about this, "sweet spot". A friend of mine once told me that there are points in time when your children become a little less dependent on their parents and it frees up a little time for mom and dad. I think we were there at one point when the boys were really young and it feels like we are getting near that point again. I'll have to ask Mathgeek if she feels that way as she is the Boy Scout/Cub Scout queen and does a ton of running around with that. I guess I'm really wondering how bad I want this to happen. It would be really nice to have a some time for just Mathgeek and I, but then again it, won't be that many years before it will be just the two of us. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, it's the 1st day of 2011 and they boys woke up, said hi, and went and got their own breakfast. Now they are both doing their own thing as I sit here pondering the future.
2011 is going to be interesting and I'm excited to see how things play out! Thanks for reading the blog. I enjoy posting the events that go on in my little world and it's nice to be able to connect with people. Time to go play with the boys!

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