Monday, January 3, 2011

Failure to Launch

JoBro strikes a pose........probably thinking about girls!

Today was the day that I was supposed to get back into the training routine. Like I said, supposed to start but that didn't happen today. Sick kids will change plans in a hurry and it didn't help that I touch of the sickness as well. I'm thinking that the boys and I both got food poisoning from some fast food we picked up on the way to the races Sunday. Oh well..... JoBro is back to normal tonight, I'm better, but Curly still has a long way to go. It's looking like another day at home with Curly. With any luck the stomach cramps will end along with the crying that goes with it.

We went to the cross race in Parkville yesterday. Funny how they look so happy in the picture and 6 hrs later they were both doubled over in pain. We spent a while down by the Missouri River checking out the sand bar and skipping stones in the river. Pretty nice day for the beginning for January.

Bama came out for both races this weekend. He had a good race Saturday and then suffered on Sunday. That's ok, it's good training for the road season.

Shadd is working the same plan as Bama. Keeping the cross season going until the end and holding on to their fitness for the road season.

Ah yes, the road season. 2011 is here and it's time to get rolling. For me it's going to be at least another day before I get started. No worries, it's a long season and I'd rather make sure I have healthy kids. Looks like a week with decent weather and it might even be pretty nice for the last cross race this weekend.

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