Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Rain

What a weird day, when I woke up the fog was thick and getting thicker. I was really debating weather I wanted to go out in the fog but Shadd and I decided to go out for a few hours anyway. It's not that it was cold or wet, it's just that cars can't see you when it's that foggy and I'm usually not one to take chances. It was bad enough that we weren't going to head over to Columbia, MO for the Froze Toes Road Race so we had at least get out and ride. It's kind of funny that I've never done the Froze Toes race. Some years it's the weather, others family, whatever, I've just never made it.  Oh well, it's been a really rough week and I was just fried so I was better off waiting for the next race.
JoBro was off to the SAC Museum this weekend with the Boy Scouts so he was happy to get home early before the storms rolled in. Roxy, our old mutt was happy her buddy was home.

Here's the last couple of K's from today's race over in Belgium. Watching the clip really makes me want to race but it doesn't make any sense to go race if you don't have the legs to make the bike go.

Speaking of the first rainstorm of the season, so begins our watch on the stream behind our house. What the picture doesn't show is that the ditch that is underwater is 5 ft deep and the water is just starting to flow into our yard. It didn't help that the street drains were clogged up and the water was just raging down 99th St. I ended up going out in the storm and standing in above ankle water with a big stick unclogging drains. I beginning to think I need to get some landscaping stones ordered up to make a wall around the house.

Shadd and I went all euro pro on our ride today. Rode out to Parkville and stopped off at a coffee shop, had a quick cup and headed back to KC. I never stop for much of anything on rides but it was a nice change today. The fog was so thick when I left the house that I was wet in minutes. My glasses were worthless in no time but don't get me wrong, it was fun to ride in the foggy conditions.

Yep, fun to ride but what a mess. It was one of those days that you have no choice but to get the hose out and rinse off the slime. Since this picture was taken the rain poured down and the snow is now gone. The streets should be pretty clean as well as long as it doesn't snow again tonight and they end up putting down more salt. Enough of talking about the gloomy weather, it 's looking good for the next few days!

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