Friday, March 4, 2011

Cleaning out the camera

Today is Curly's birthday! Tonight was the easy night with a little family celebration after a birthday dinner at the Cheesecake factory. Tomorrow is the party with the sleepover and a late, late, night.

It's time to finally get the wheels in order for the Mercy Team. Today all the cross tires came off and next I'll check the bearings and start gluing up the road tires.

Now that's a whole bucket of dirty cassettes!

Hmmmmm, what to do with a bunch of 1 season old tires.......

Earlier this week I got out for a unplanned early ride. I managed to forget my key to the shop and since nobody was scheduled to show up for hours I figured I might as well ride. I got to this hill and found a few spots of ice that made it kind of tough to get up the hill.

You don't see too many covered bridges on Kansas City. I found this one when I was out looking for another hill to add to the Wed hill ride. I found one that would be easy to add and is right on the route.

No racing this weekend. Time to spend a little time with the family and after tomorrow nights festivities I'm sure I'd be worthless by Sunday afternoon anyway.


cyclesleeper said...


There is guy in Fla. who repairs base tapes on tubies if the tread is still good, for about $10-12. Here is the web address:

Jeff Unruh

Ted said...

Tom, is that the covered bridge off of 83rd and Woodland?

Ted Moore