Monday, May 14, 2012

Tour de Grove, Day 2

The Dutchtown Classic was the last stop on the 3 day race series in St. Louis last weekend. After so good results in the last 2 days the cat-2 part of the team was looking for another top 5 result. Going in both Jason and I were riding pretty well but Logan was peaking at just the right time. The boy was going fast and it was time to get him some more upgrade points and move him up to a cat-1. Race time came and the race started off well. I was patrolling the front of the field looking to pull back any break that looked dangerous while Logan hung back to save energy. Most of the race went according to plan and in the end the field was all together with 3 laps to go. Unfortunately this is where our plan began to unravel. With 3 to go I was in the top 10 looking for my teammates and specifically Logan. He is our sprinter and it was time to go to work. Problem was I didn't know where he was so with 1 lap to go I was holding my position in the top 10 while waiting for him to show up. The part that really irritates me is that for the last half a lap Logan was on my wheel and I just didn't know it. Just a simple miscommunication but that was all it took, a few seconds of hesitation and I got caught behind a rider as the group swarmed around the outside. Lucky for us Logan got to the front just in time to ride the swarm to the front of the group. At that point I was trapped somewhere in the top 20 and all I could do is watch as Logan fought it out the last half lap at the front. Bad went to worse when I came around the last corner and saw bodies and bikes on the ground in front of me. So much for a good finish for me but Logan stilled pulled out a 4th.

Overall it was a great weekend for the crew that was racing the 2-3 race. Good results and and great teamwork. Good Times!

We left before the Pro-1 race started but the thought that it was going to resemble a Nascar race was somewhat true. I heard that there were a few crashes once again. Zach may of actually made it through a race and finished in the top 20.

Ben from Tradewind and I trying to get away early in the race.

Logan and I on the line, Someone looks a little stressed, the other one, not so much.

Not feeling great but not too bad for the last day of 3.

This week is a week off for training and then it's off to Texas for 4 days of racing over Memorial day.

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