Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend of cross

Last weekend was a tough one to sitting on the couch injured. The 3 days of Jingle Cross was going on in Iowa City IA, a race I have not missed ever since I started racing cross. If there was ever a cross race where a party broke out, this would be it. I think it's got a little bit of a Tulsa Tough vibe going, especially on Friday night. As a racer the courses are different than anything else we race on all year. Tight turns, long straights, plenty of technical bits, and of course, the climb up Mt. Krumpet. I love the weekend but this year I was stuck at home trying to get updates via Twitter. I've definitely gotten spoiled watching euro cross races on the internet and the US races on Cycling Dirt!

We had Mark, Matt, Abby, and Issac racing for TREK CXC and they all had great rides during the weekend. Mark took the win in the 35+ race on Saturday while Matt got the 35+ win on Sunday. Issac and Abby both rode in the Elite races all weekend and pulled off a top 10 in one race and were top 20 in the rest.There were a few other Omaha-Lincoln-KC folks there who had great results as well. Tough seeing the all the media about the cross family being there and missing out.

Great seeing Matt win a big race with Jill and Ruby there. 

Mark got the win in the 35+ race on Saturday. He rode the Elite race the other days.

I just like this picture of Matt

Kenny took 2 wins in the 45+, good to see and it gives be a good idea of where I would of placed.

Mark on the slog up Mt. Krumpet. Yes, it really does start down by the barn at the bottom of the picture.

you don't see this very often in a cross race

The downhill has to be my favorite part of the courses, it really is as steep as it looks.

I also watched the Super Prestige Gavere race this weekend. I think the men's race has become more interesting this year as Sven Nys has taken a lot longer to get to the front group and then battle for the win. Kind of the same tactic that Jeremy Powers is using this year in his races. Both riders seem to get OK starts and just roll around in the top 15 for a few laps and eventually they get to the front of the race in the last 3 laps. Usually they win but once in a while they don't. I think it makes people think they should be more patient in races but I see a problem in that. Maybe it's just me but spotting the fastest guys in the field 30 seconds is usually a bad deal.  It may be easy to roll with the lead group but to make up the 30 seconds is incredibly  hard. It seems like Jeremy Powers was had this same plan on day 3 of Jingle Cross. The only problem is that Tim Johnson got a gap that Jeremy couldn't close. Tim wins with Jeremy 2nd. interesting to watch these races and see how each riders tactics work for them.

Not too much new to report on the injury, still no weight bearing for 3-4 weeks. I can take off the boot and work on range of motion exercises.  It's a good start on toad to recovery.
Photo credits: VELO, mrs mod, mrshigh5, anybody else I forgot.........

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